Lectures and articles

Phytochemistry of bushfoods and medicines

Essential oils resistant infections

This presentation was given at the Aromatica Conference, Tweed Heads, November 2019.

Eucalyptus part 2 final

This paper focuses on the non-aromatic constituents of Eucalypts. It was Published in Aromatherapy Today, 2018.

Eucalyptus oil 2017

This paper was recently published in the Aromatherapy Acology Today journal.

Essential oil chemotypes

This presentation derives partly from my talk at the recent Aromatica Conference, along with some research reviews relating to synergism and essential oils for treating drug-resistant infections.

Australian aromatic Plants Therapeutic

This is a copy of a webinar I gave earlier in 2017. It covers the chemistry and therapeutic applications of a variety of aromatic species within the Myrtaceae family

Dodonaea antiox and wound healing study.

This unpublished paper summarizes my research project on hop bush conducted for my doctoral thesis.

Pengelly J Med Food 15102012

This paper, published in the Journal of Medicinal Food, is a report on a clinical study of rosemary for potential cognitive benefits in an elderly population conducted during my time in the USA.

Field botany in australia

This presentation was created for my students in the US, however I’m sure some of the plants and places will be of interest to Aussies also

Rothbury vegetation survey

The Rothbury vegetation survey had been conducted on and around Southern Cross Farm over the last 18 months. Most of the species listed are preserved as herbarium specimens.

Weeds in medicine

Some tales, poems and other possibly useful information about weeds and their contribution to medicine