Spring wildflowers in the Granite belt

And now it is spring, late September as I write. By all accounts it has been a bumper season for wildflowers. They appear to have peaked, however with good rain predicted for this week we could well see a second burst. I have been fortunate to go out on some field trips with the Wildflower Consortium, and spotted some rare species, notably some Boronias and the extremely rare Bertya recurvata.

Leucochrysum albicans var. albicans
Pomaderris vellea
Kunzea parvifolia
Ozothamnus diosmifolia
Acacia striatifolia
Boronia inflexa
Dampiera purpurea
Bertya recurvata
Boronia amabilis
Boronia repandra
Daviesia mimosoides
Phebalium glandulosum
Stackhousia viminea