Herbarium specimens

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Since 2000, I have collected over 1,800 plant specimens in Australia and the USA. A large portion of these are housed in my personal herbarium at home, while others have been deposited in the following herbaria:

Australian National HerbariumDodonaea viscosa subsp. angustifolia Several specimens collected during doctoral research

Claude E. Phillips Herbarium – State University of Delaware, USA

Southern Cross University, Lismore NSW. I was commissioned to collect medicinal plant specimens from the USA.

Maryland University of Integrative Health, USA. I created a small herbarium for medicinal plants there during my 7 years there as full-time faculty member.

Terry Tame Herbarium, Hunter Region Botanical Gardens, NSW. I spent close to 3 years as volunteer and licenced plant collector there, depositing over 200 specimens.

New South Wales Herbarium, Royal Botanical Gardens, Sydney. They assisted me to identify some specimens, and chose to keep a number of them

Queensland Herbarium, Brisbane. I worked there as a digitizing officer for a year, and to date 2 specimens have been deposited.

Currently I am collecting specimens relating to three ongoing projects:

Wolston Creek Reserve, on the western outskirts of Brisbane, where I am conducting a flora survey and updating previous surveys.

Backyard Pharmacy. At my current home in Middle Park, Brisbane, I have recorded over 50 specimens, mostly weeds. These are the basis for my article in the IPHA newsletter, to be published on this site also.

Woodfordia, home of the Woodford Folk Festival. Over 100,000 native trees have been planted on what was a run-down dairy farm, I am helping to document the site where a Threatened Flora Conservation and Resilience Project is underway.

The following slide show contains a sample of specimens collected at Woodfordia. These were expertly mounted by my partner Kathleen Bennett.

USA Collection at Southern Cross University Medicinal Plant Herbarium.

AP279 Actaea racemosa – black cohosh

AP41 Albizia julibrissin – Albizia

AP257 Aletris farinosa – true unicorn root

AP45, Asclepias tuberosa – pleuresy root

AP280. Asclepias tuberosa – pleuresy root

AP30 Baptisia tinctoria – wild indigo

AP215 Caulophyllum thalictroides – blue cohosh

Chionanthus virginicus – fringe tree

Dioscorea villosa – wild yam

Eupatorium perfoliatum – boneset

AP Hydrastis canadensis – golden seal

AP297 Lobelia inflata – Indian tobacco

AP223 Prunus serotina – wild cherry

AP17 Prunus serotina – wild cherry

AP187 Sanguinaria canadensis – bloodroot

Sanguinaria canadensis – bloodroot

AP221 Viburnum prunifolium – black haw