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Indigenous Plants for Health Association Inc.

Virtual Field Day Webinar.

24th October 1pm EST. Check Field Days and Events Page for details

For me, field schools are a way of life whether it be through education, medicine making, distillation or field botany. Check out the link to some of my presentations of Australian aromatic plants, their therapeutic applications and aromatic chemistry, along with reports from my research on rosemary and hop bush. Hopefully, you will find other useful information here and I’ll endeavour to add more content of interest to grass root herbalists and field botanists, and keep in touch with you via this regular blog. Following recent visits there, I am have put up images and descriptions of some amazing Tasmanian plant encounters.

The other recent development I’m involved with is the formation of the Indigenous Plants for Health Association, an incorporated non-profit formed with the objectives of raising awareness, sourcing grants and sponsorship for sustainable production of indigenous plant-based products. Please visit the website via the welcome tag, check out the newsletters and consider becoming a member.

Like all of you, I have some pet interests that are completely off topic. Since my late teens I have been a huge fan of jazz and blues music, and more recently I have had an urge to review some of this music and share it with anyone who might be interested. If so check out “In the groove”, now complemented with links to recordings and live performances.

Dr. Pengelly, high up on Wallabadah Rock with the Upper Hunter bushwalkers