Wildflowers of the granite belt

I moved into this part of southern Queensland in February, 2021. I am fortunate to live within minutes of the granite hills with their profusion of wildflowers, and within a short drive of Giraween National Park and other special wild places.

I have no claims to being a good photographer, I simply use an old Galaxy phone for the job. But I do get out a lot, and I am able to identify most of the plants I come across, with help from the excellent Flora of the Granite Belt published by the Stanthorpe Rare Wildflower Consortium, of which I am now a member. This is a collection of photos of plants most of which are currently in flower (August), and it isn’t even spring (a line from a song)!

Notelaea linearis
Philotheca conduplicata
Pomaderris spp.
Glycine clandestina
Pultenaea hartmanii
Xanthorroea johnsonii