Visit to the Pilliga

On my way back to Queensland from the Hunter Valley in March 2021, I took an inland route which gave me the opportunity to visit the Pilliga Scrub – which has long been on my “want to do list”.

One of Australias largest inland forests, the Pilliga forest aka Pilliga scrub is a sandy region dominated by cypress pines (Callitris spp.) and ironbarks (Eucalyptus spp.) but with an incredible diversity of plant and animal life. It is also a special area for the first human inhabitants, the Gamilaroi people. One of their special places is the Dandry Gorge in Tammallallie National Park, which is now also the home of a set of Aboriginal culture inspired sculptures, which are depicted below.

scrub spirits
First lesson
First lesson, from below
stone axe technology

Respect Mother

In addition to the spectacular gorge scenery and above-mentioned sculptures, the site is a wildflower spectacle. While not too many of them were flowering during my March visit (apart from bluebells and a greenhood orchid), most plants were full of flower buds, an enticement for me to return in the spring to witness the full spectacle. The site is also generously provided with numerous display signs depicting many of the wildflowers present, as well as other features – my favourite being the Bibii rainbow story.

Greenhood orchids (Pterostylis spp.) on the rock
Bibii and Dhirridhirri

Finally, always on the lookout for plants that can be used for food or medicine, this sign appeared.

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